The wide variety of zamak applications

Find out what VEP can do for you.

The VEP Zamak Die Casting Department, located in Rogeno (LC), Italy, boasts modern molding machines of different sizes for manufacturing handles and furniture fittings, and for the molding of third party components and details.

The areas of interest for die-casting items are as follows:

  • Hardware
  • Components for home appliances
  • Components for door and window locks
  • Miscellaneous items

Zamak is a metal alloy consisting of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper, the use of which has several advantages.

This material guarantees excellent shock, wear and corrosion resistance, which increases further as products undergo consecutive galvanic treatments.

Thanks to its high fluidity, zamak alloy allows for minimum tolerances and high precision pieces, ensuring great flexibility during the planning stage of components.

Zamak is also an eco-friendly material because it is recyclable, and thanks to its low melting point it guarantees remarkable energy saving in terms of production.


Zamak is fused in an oven at a temperature of about 400 °C. Liquid alloy is then injected into a mold that defines its shape.


Molds are provided by the customer or made in the VEP workshop, which provides technical assistance for potential maintenance and repair.