Handicraft care and advanced technology

The perfect union between man and machine

From raw materials to finished products

VEP features a cutting-edge and technological production system, where fully-automated and programmed industrial cycles alternate with manual processes, resulting into a finished and packaged product ready to be sold and delivered.

From the raw materials to the final products warehouse, all processing phases take place inside of VEP, allowing for a limited transfer of materials, fast manufacturing, and constant quality control checks on each phase.

VEP’s products are a perfect expression of our accurate handicraft production combined with time and technology optimization.

Ever-evolving company

In spite of some process automation and its technological growth, it has been VEP’s intention to keep its strong handicraft mark, source of the Velati brothers initial inspiration. To this day, care and attention to details are what make each and every VEP product perfect, complete and functioning. The VEP team consists of qualified, competent, passionate and enthusiastic people willing to grow and improve themselves in their daily work to ensure complete customer satisfaction. ``One day the machines will be able to solve all problems, but none of them can deliver us one`` (A. Einstein).