“Made in Italy” quality at the right price

What is “Made in Italy”?

VEP mission

Over the years, VEP has invested infinite resources in quality material, staff training and technological innovation, in order to ensure competitiveness while keeping the same quality standards for each product, and reach other segments of the market.

Precisely to ensure the maximum product quality to its customers, VEP has always offered “Made in Italy” products.

What is “Made in Italy”?

VEP feels that “Made in Italy” is so much more than a quality certificate. It is a value rooted in over 30 years of the company’s history. It is the recognition of the attention and dedication to the costumer. It is the ability to create long-lasting products whose characteristics remain unaltered over time. “Made in Italy” means quality and reliability, durability and confidence, tradition and culture. VEP products are designed, produced and packaged in Italy with certified raw materials: this is the real “Made in Italy”.

What are VEP’s goals?

VEP’s goal is to create practical and functional design products with precious finishes, curating every detail because every piece is important. Additionally, VEP wants to give customers the attention they deserve, supporting them in their product selection, and guaranteeing high quality standards and delivery time. Lastly, VEP’s goal is to make the company known all over the world guaranteeing the quality of its products and manufacturing processes, facing the daily challenges with enthusiasm and willpower.