Growth, project, and development

An Italian story

Research and innovation combined with a distinct handicraft mark.

The history of VEP starts in 1985, in Rogeno, in the province of Lecco, Italy, thanks to the Velati brothers’ passion for metal processing in the manufacturing of handles, knobs and furniture fittings.

From the beginning, the Velati brothers demonstrated their great manual skills and their interest in industrial technology. In a short time, thanks to the quality of their products, they were able to obtain excellent results and stand out on national and international markets.

Over the years VEP has continued to grow, designing and developing more and more products, and employing increasingly innovative manufacturing machines. The combination of technological experimentation and handicrafts has become VEP’s distinctive feature.

Ever-evolving quality products

The curved handles line, also available in longer versions, marked a turning point for VEP as a company able to produce furniture fittings that would fit even the more sophisticated and specific designs and décor. Today VEP’s factory is immersed in the lavish gardens of Rogeno, in the heart of Lecco Brianza, and features a production system that fully respects all safety and environmental standards. It also features a zamak die-casting department and a paint-shop area equipped with cutting-edge machinery.

A flexible and dynamic company

During its history, VEP has adapted its production to the market requests, following the evolution of a constantly growing industry - diligence, determination and dedication have been instrumental in finding new solutions. The constant research of new products, the alteration and personalization of existing ones, the development and manufacturing of tailor-made items have made VEP a flexible and dynamic company sensitive to the market and customers’ requests.